Your superannuation is your future and the sooner you take control, the better!

Superannuation is constantly changing in Australia, becoming more complex and yet more important than ever.

It is important to optimize the benefits to your current situation. The decisions you make today can have a real impact on your lifestyle in retirement.

Port Financial can help you with…

  • Tracking down your lost super. There is over $18 billion worth of lost super in Australia. Some of it may be yours.
  • Choosing the right fund for your needs.
  • Tailoring and regularly reviewing an investment strategy for you.
  • Working out how much you need to contribute over your working life to achieve your desired retirement outcomes.
  • Taking advantages of the various concessions and tax advantages that exist such as salary sacrificing and contribution strategies.
  • Using your super to tax effectively provide for you and your family in the event of misfortune.

Did you know that for the year in 2013/14 the average balanced super fund recorded an average of 13% returns?

[Source: Super funds set for another double-digit year, Australian Financial Review, 30 June 2014]

Transition to Retirement

Planning for retirement is something most people defer for as long as possible due to its complexity and the ever changing Government rules and regulations.

However, if you are 60 years of age or over a Transition to Retirement strategy may save tax and boost your superannuation balance for retirement.

Special rules apply if you are a member of GESB West State Superannuation fund and professional advice from our experienced team may significantly increase your retirement benefits.

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